US fixing, US cyber-racketeering and international money flows

Low interest rates expand the monetary base, force money into the stock market, despite low unemployment the official figures claim hardly any inflation. Some voices claim that this is hardly possible, more likely are the figures forged. What's more, Bitcoin claims to be an ingeniously different idea, allegedly consuming energy of several power plants. How does it pay for them? How can something supposed to be a modern currency, entirely depending on the US platform be worth several 1000%  more than since launch? Sounds more like a snowball. Can it be a challenge to the western system if it depends on the western soil  and therefore mostly on the US military as it's backbone?  How can it be?  It claims to be a good hideout for criminal money. May be not, may the only agency able to track down the source is exactly the CIA.  And why are people so found of a "new currency" where you loose your money when your loose your code.  Some experts warn that any Bitcoin pricing is the result of fixing and manipulation, and hasn't got anything to do with real economics. 

Strange enough that the US in its role as global cop turns a blind eye on some criminal activities, as long as US high tech is involved. This seems to be true for as long as the money flows into the US. Lots of internet crime is thought by many to come form servers stationed on off shore centers like for example the Bahamas. If you try to take legal steps against them, you will hardly stand a chance. However, the money flow from this criminal activities, mostly carried out by sly US citizens, is reported to end up in the US. Nevertheless, if you read US newspapers, you read endless articles about Russian internet criminals.  How can it be that Russians know the internet better than the  Americans, especially if you consider the fact that the internet is based on a computer technology developed and used as a standard by the US military?  

I think its time that the international community took a firmer stand against cybercriminals, since indeed it undermines about all non US economies.


JJ Azzuro